Naseem and Brian – Hillsborough Wedding

As a wedding photographer, I get to witness a lot of special moments. It’s one of the gifts of my job and I think – one of the things I will never take for granted about what I do. I remember every wedding I shoot intimately. I remember the smallest details – like the way her Dad looked at her when he walked her down the aisle, and the way the groom nervously shook while he waited. I remember the flounders in the day, the moments that made everyone burst out laughing, and the ones that made us all tear up too. I remember these moments not just because I capture them for people, but because I know what they mean. How special they are. How important they are in the story of the couple. The truth is – we mark weddings as the beginning of a relationship, but it’s not. There’s often a lot of relationship and history between a couple before they ever get to this point. First dates and first fights. Discussions and life plans. Couples plan for this moment for a long time. So, to me, its not the beginning of anything – but something in the middle. A tangible moment that the couple has chosen to mark. A celebration of so many of those conversations and moments they have had in the past that lead to here. So I capture them. But prior to ever shooting a single image – I learn so much about each one of the couples I shoot. How they met. Why they fell in love. Where they have been in life and where they are going. It is these relationships I build with them that mark why I will remember every detail of their wedding all of my days. I know them. And I know their story.

I fell in love with Naseem and her family the first day I met them. They welcomed me right in and I saw genuinity and so much joy. When Naseem met Brian, my heart warmed for her because I could see – even through social media – that she was happy. As their relationship grew my heart warmed for Brian because even though I hadn’t met him yet – I knew what he was getting in Naseem. Capturing this milestone for them in their relationship – their marriage and the joining of their families – was such a special day. I have SO many favorite moments with from my afternoon with them – but watching his youngest daughter excitedly lead her Dad to his bride in a spontaneous first look moment is my most favorite. The look of pride and excitement on her face in that moment says so much about everything this marriage is!

Naseem and Brian – may you be as blessed every day of your marriage as you were on this day. I know the joy you bring your children and your families. It was an honor to capture it for you and I hope I see you both very soon!! <3