My bag that I carry to EVERY shoot is an ONA Leather Union Street Bag with a Canon 5Dmkiii, a 50 1.2 L, and a 35 1.4 L.

The 35 1.4 is my go to lens that I love to shoot the majority of the time. It gives me a great frame with barely any distortion and allows me to be close enough to my clients to interact with them when I want to as well. I love the 50 1.2 for portraits and use it often for shots of parents with kids, boudoir, and I love the 50 at engagement sessions. AND – an asthma inhaler. Because I have asthma and it rarely bothers me but it’s good to be prepared! HA!

For weddings I also bring a Think Tank Airport Roller Bag with another 5Dmkiii, another 50 1.2 L, a 45 TS, two 600ex Speedlights, a hold fast money maker, 135 2.0 L, 85 1.2 (not pictured), a 5D classic for backup and then my Canon EOS3 (35mm film).

For weddings I usually keep the 35 1.2 or the 85 1.2 on my main camera and then the 135 2.0 on my secondary camera. I have backups of  almost everything – just in case! I know that seems excessive but I have favorites and I would be devastated if I dropped a lens at a wedding or something and had to shoot a different lens during some crucial moment. I’ve had several occasions where things have malfunctioned or gotten (dropped/stepped on/stuck…. you name it) and its been great to simply reach in my bag, get out another one and worry about the broken one later.

So there you have it! My preferred gear! Have questions? Shoot me an email and I will do my best to get you an answer.